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  Appleton Farms Grass Rides
Appleton Farms Grass Rides

What to Bring

Walking shoes   Hat and
(in summer)
Windbreaker   Water


From Boston, take route 128 North
Take exit to Route 1A North
Drive for about 5 miles, then turn left on
Cutler Road – the street becomes into a
gravel road before reaching Highland Street
Turn right on Highland Street; the parking lot is immediately on the right
  Good to know in advance
Map available at the parking lot

Open year-round, 7 days a week

No restrooms
Reservation closes at sunset
Address: 219 Country Road, Ipswich, MA 01938
For more information: Trustees of
Reservations, P.O Box 563, 290 Argilla
Road, Ipswich MA 01938 - 978-356-5728
Dogs and bikes prohibited in Appleton
Farms (the area is open to horses); bikes and dogs on leash allowed in the Grass
Rides in the south
Bikes prohibited across the reservation
during the muddy season in spring; call the Trustees ahead of time (see "Good to
Know") to check the actual blackout dates
Stay on trails

ID Card

Overall rating: Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating
Difficulty: 1/5
  Time from Boston: 1 hour
  Duration: A few hours


  Main activity:


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Here is a refreshing walk in a quiet environment, ideal for anyone looking for a quiet place and the opportunity, relatively rare in Massachusetts, to walk through open fields.

With more than 5 miles of trails, Appleton Farms Grass Rides is a great place for a walk (and for cross-country skiing in winter). This is also a nice destination for kids, since the farm at the far end of the reservation sometimes has cattle or sheep grazing in the nearby fields - always an attractive spectacle for young children.

The Appleton property is actually divided in two sections: the northern part, Appleton Farms, has an unique open landscape made of farmland, while the southern part, Appleton Farms Grass Rides has a good network of trails in the forest, more typical of New England walks. Since there is no loop across both sections, this destination is well suited to a random walk and an exploration of the trails as you go. The area is limited by roads on all sides and there is no chance of getting lost despite the many trails in the southern part.

The walk is essentially flat with no difficulty, and suited to strollers if you bring kids.

Walking directions:
From the parking lot (a place named Lamson Field), take the alley under the trees
Turn left at the next intersection; walk through the stone wall and into the adjacent field, the Great Pasture
Walk by another stone wall and turn right on the larger trail towards the farm
Take the bridge over the railroad to reach the farm; you can first turn left towards Patch and Underhill Fields, where farm animals can usually be seen. A small wooded hill on the left and a smaller meadow make for a nice setting at the far end of this section
Once you reach the end of the trail, retrace your steps towards the farm, and continue past the buildings on the large trail
When you reach the road and the end of the trail, come back and take the left trail at the fork to enter the forest
Continue straight at the first intersection, and then twice right at the next two forks; you will soon reach the farm again, and take the bridge over the railroad to come back to the parking lot
Once closer to Lamson Field, you can explore the wooded Appleton Grass Ride; make sure you have a map as trails in the area can be confusing; if necessary, go back to the parking lot to pick one
Instead of turning right to take the alley under the trees to go back to your car, turn left and continue all the way down the trail; turn right at the end
Turn left at the following intersection to reach the Round Point, a clearing with a small stone monument (orient yourself by checking where you come from, since 6 trails converge there)
Take the first trail on your right, then the second trail on your right as you get closer to the road
Continue down the trail until its end; then turn left to reach the stone wall beside the Great Pasture
Turn left again to walk back to the parking lot
Appleton Farms is managed by the Trustees of Reservations.
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