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  Eastern Point Lighthouse
Eastern Point Lighthouse

What to Bring

Stroller   Water
Binoculars   Snacks
Windbreaker   Plastic trash bag
First aid kit    


From Boston, take I-95 north, or Route 1
north and I-95 north at exit 44
At exit 45, take route 128 north up to
At end of route 128, take route 127A/Main Street, becoming Eastern Point Road
After Niles Beach on your right, drive up the hill and turn right on the parking lot of the
church to park your car
  Good to know in advance
You can park at Niles Beach off season

No sidewalk – always face oncoming traffic when walking on the road

Dogs must be kept on leash
Bring back your trash

ID Card

Overall rating: Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating
Difficulty: 1/5
  Time from Boston: 45 mins.
  Duration: A few hours


  Main activity:


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This destination is perfect for parents with kids young enough to use a stroller. This is one of the few destinations around Boston where you can push your stroller easily on a road and still be in a nice and quiet environment.

From the parking lot, walk back down to the stone gate on your left that is the entrance to Eastern Point Boulevard West. Don't be put off by the sign that prohibit entrance: there is a public right of way down to Eastern Point Lighthouse, a Coast Guard facility at the end of the road and a great place to have a full view of the Gloucester Harbor Bay.

Walk along the road past several beautiful summer houses and always bear right at the few crossroads to stay close to the shore. After half a mile, you will emerge from the woods and reach more open spaces to see the lighthouse. Once at the lighthouse, you can walk on the pier up to the light marking the harbor entrance – if you do so, be careful as the pier surface is uneven and there is no handrail.

Walk back the way you came. Allow about 1.5 hours for the roundtrip as a leisure pace. Though traffic is light on this road, always face oncoming cars when you walk on the avenue.

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