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  What is LocalAttitude
LocalAttitude is a unique tool to help outdoors manufacturers and retailers grow their sales and enhance their brands by reaching a well targeted audience of consumers at the time they get ready to go out.
  Our Cambridge, Massachusetts, venture creates and distributes outdoors-related content online. Since early 2004, we have developed a partnership with through which we have created, and are currently managing, a new outdoors section of's Travel section. Through, we now serve more than 100,000 pages per month of exclusive outdoors information to young, affluent and active consumers in the New England market.  
  Our outdoors content
We develop content geared towards the general public avid for an escape in the great outdoors, rather than to a narrow niche of radical outdoor experts. Our content focuses on hiking, biking, paddling or even relaxing destinations and activities within a few hours of Boston. We also develop family-focused content, with easily accessible and kid-friendly destinations.
  Most of our content features local and regional destinations lasting between a few hours and a weekend – typical activities that consumers are enjoying, or would like to enjoy, on a weekly basis.  
  How EMS can increase in-store traffic and sales by leveraging LocalAttitude
LocalAttitude has a unique value proposition: we reach consumers right when they are readying themselves to go out on outdoor activities.
  We interact with users when they are looking for information on how best to enjoy the great outdoors – this is the best moment to introduce them to new products, or remind them of great brands, before they go out and shop to complete their equipment.  
  We offer an uncluttered environment and a simple design that are consistently praised by our users. Click here to visit our website and see it for yourself. Thanks to this clean environment, featured brands and products can stand out easily and make a strong impact on our users.  
  Consumers come to because they want to discover new places and activities, and get advice on how to enjoy them. They look for information, and there is no better place to help them by featuring high-quality products that will add to the quality of their outdoor experience.  
  An excellent branding match
EMS's philosophy fits well with LocalAttitude's approach to the outdoors. Our venture is all about helping people go out more often and become advocates and stewards of our environment. We promote practices that reduce the impact of outdoors activities – from trash removal to the strict respect of mountain-biking restrictions. In short, we help people make the best of the great outdoors in the most responsible way. EMS follows the same approach with its adventure schools, helping people be responsible for themselves and for their environment.
  EMS and LocalAttitude share the same values – a key success factor when your brand is exposed to thousands of potential customers.  
  What we can do
We offer two main opportunities to leverage our outdoors content:
Straight Sponsoring: EMS's brand is prominently placed in selected search categories (type of outdoor activity, location, duration); your brand becomes intimately associated with our users' searches for exciting outdoors experiences
Product & Store Push: EMS products are featured in our popular "What to Bring" section in selected destinations; each product has a direct link to EMS's website; a link allows users to select the closest EMS store if they prefer a physical shopping experience.
  Click on the links below to better understand how EMS can leverage LocalAttitude's content :  
Example of Straight Sponsoring: the Hiking category page
Example of Product & Store Push: page featuring EMS's products and stores: Destination page
  We can also leverage our space to insert pre-designed ads and banners for specific operations like summer or back-to-school sales, large-scale product launches, and event promotions.  
  Why our users are an attractive consumer segment
As part of the New York Times group, has dominated the regional online media landscape since its launch in 1995. The site is renowned for its content quality and breaking news coverage and is also home to an array of features, including Boston Globe articles, Arts and Entertainment listings and interactive message board capabilities.
  Over 3.5 million unique users visit each month, most of them on a daily, or even hourly basis. In comparison with the national online average, readers are:  
Young: 70% of's audience falls into the attractive 25-54 year-old age demographic
Well-targeted: Nearly 80% reside in the Boston area
Well-educated: readers are 130% more likely to have a bachelor's degree, and 140% more likely to have a post-graduate degree
Well-paid: Average household income is nearly $80k. Nearly 30% have household incomes above $100k
Decision makers: They are 195% more likely to work in an executive or managerial capacity (source: