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  The Lincoln Walk
The Lincoln Walk

What to Bring

Walking shoes   Fleece (spring/fall)
Hat and
sunglasses (in
  Insect Repellent (in summer)
Snacks   Water


From Boston, From Boston, take I-90 West
Take 128 North and take exit 28 to Trapelo Road/Lincoln; take right at the exit on
Trapelo Road
Continue on Trapelo Road until its end in
Lincoln (5-way stop sign, Lincoln Library on the right)
Turn right at stop sign and park on the
Library lot
  Good to know in advance
If the Library lot is full, drive past the 5-way intersection on Bedford road for about 200 yards and park left on the soccer field lot

No restroom

Stay on trails at all times
Keep pets on leash and pick up after your dog
Bring back your trash

ID Card

Overall rating: Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating
Difficulty: 2/5
  Time from Boston: 30 minutes
  Duration: Few hours


  Main activity:


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It is increasingly rare to walk through open fields around Boston. But Lincoln, less than 30 minutes west of Boston, is one town where farming is still present - and where we discovered a small vineyard tucked on a sunny hill. This one-hour loop is perfect for a weekend stroll, or for an evening walk to unwind in the sunset light.

This walk is on flat ground, except for a section in the woods that features a very short and moderate climb. It is the shortest and one of the nicest walks or hikes around Lincoln, an area rich with other outdoors destinations like Mount Misery or the Pierce House.

The directions for the walk are as follows:
From the Library parking, walk up towards the cemetery and turn right on the small road lined with the white houses
Just after the right curve in the descent, walk into the field on your left – there is a small "no Bike" sign. Follow the faint path ahead along the tree line and you will soon pass the vineyard; there are great views on this small valley and on the fields below
When you reach a wooden sign for "Conservation Land – Lincoln", turn left and climb up, following the tree line, before you enter the woods at the far end of the meadow
Take the trail on the right at the first intersection, and again on the right at the following fork. You will soon exit the woods after a short descent to reenter the meadow at its far end
Follow the tree line on the left to complete the tour of the field, and take the large trail on the left leading to Lexington Street (no sign)
At the road, take right to walk back to Lincoln. This is one of the most picturesque roads around Boston, with great vistas on the fields nearby and a line of trees on the right side to bring a welcome shade in the summer. Though traffic is limited on this narrow country road, there is no sidewalk and you will need to watch for cars. The general rule is to face incoming traffic to look out for vehicles, but visibility is limited in the left curve after the farm, and you may want to walk on the right side until the road straightens
At the next intersection, turn right on the narrow road to walk back up to Lincoln and back to your car.
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