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  The Litchfield Loop
The Litchfield Loop

What to Bring

Walking shoes
Sunglasses   Windbreaker
Hat (in summer)   Water
Snacks   Plastic bag
for trash


From Boston, take Route 2 West
Near Concord, go straight at the lights
where Route 2 sharply turns left; follow
sign for Concord Center
At the next stop, turn left for Concord
In Concord, go straight through the first
rotary, then turn left in front of the Concord Inn and bear immediately right to follow sign for Carlisle
In Carlisle, turn left at rotary on Lowell
Street (sign for Chelmsford and sign for the State Park)
1.5 mi. after the rotary, look for large sign for Ice Cream and sign for Great Brook
Farm State Park on the right; turn right at the signs on North Road
in 0.3 mi, turn left on parking lot.
  Good to know in advance
The trail is mostly on open grounds and
offers limited shade in summer

Trail map available at the trail head

Open year-round dawn to dusk
Restrooms in the new service building at far end of parking lot
Great Brook Farm State Park - Interpretive Dairy Farm, 984 Lowell Street P.O. Box 829, Carlisle MA 01741-1311, (978) 369-6312
Pets on leash at all times – pick up after
your dog
Never scare farm and wild animals
Great Brook is an active farm with
cultivated fields – stay on designated trails and roads

ID Card

Overall rating: Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating
Difficulty: 1/5
  Time from Boston: 45 minutes
  Duration: A few hours


  Main activity:


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The Litchfield Loop is a one-hour walk through meadows and woodlands. Because some sections meander along cultivated fields, this is a very open and airy walk, well suited to a sunny weekend morning. The loop is well marked and mostly flat.
The Loop starts at the Great Brook Farm State Park in Carlisle. Though there can be significant affluence at the farm itself, a well-known destination for families, you will find that most people stay close to the farm buildings, so that the trails themselves never feel crowded.
From the parking lot, walk towards the farm and its nearby pond. Take left at the main trail intersection in front of the rock-lined trail that climbs to the buildings
Turn right after a few yards to follow the “Litchfield Loop” sign; follow the trail through the meadow and into the woods on the other side
At the fork before another meadow (sign for agricultural field) bear left on a narrow trail at the edge of the field
When you have walked around the meadow, stay left at the next trail fork; do not re-enter the woods in front of you; you then walk over a small stream and into another cultivated field
Continue to walk at the edge of the field before reaching North Road (sign for Litchfield Loop); turn right on the trail that continues between the road and the field
When reaching the first farm buildings, turn left and walk a few yards on North road before re-entering the farm grounds at the pond.
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