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  Hiking around the Mount Misery in Lincoln
Hiking around the Mount Misery in Lincoln

What to Bring

Hiking shoes   Backpack
Sunglasses   Windproof/
waterproof jacket
Hat   Plastic bag for
Snacks   Water


From Cambridge:
Take route 2 west
At first traffic light on route 2, take left to
Bedford Road/ Lincoln Center (exit is
second right after the light)
In Lincoln, turn right on parking lot at sign for "The Mall at Lincoln Station" before the
railway crossing
Leave your car on the mall lot (on
weekends, you can also park on the
commuter lot beyond the mall)
From Boston:
Take I-95/route 128
At exit 26, take route 20 east
Take left at traffic light and follow signs for route 117
At traffic light, take left on route 117 west
About 0.2 mile after Drumlin Farm on your left, turn right on Lincoln road
Right after the railway crossing, turn left
and park on the mall lot (on weekends, you can also park on the commuter lot beyond the mall)
  Good to know in advance
No restrooms

Linden Tree Farm is a community-supported organization: you can participate in the
farm's work and receive your share of
produce for an annual fee - inquire at the
farm for more information.

New regulations in place for dog owners
since July 2005; pets on leash except on
specific trails - check map and instructions at the Linden Tree Farm parking lot
Stay on trails to limit erosion, especially on Mount Misery
Carry out your trash

ID Card

Overall rating: Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating
Difficulty: 2/5
  Time from Boston: 25 minutes
  Duration: Half day


  Main activity:


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Contrary to reservations like Blue Hills or Middlesex Fells, the Mount Misery area in Lincoln is an open, lively place where everyday life continues at the slower pace of the countryside. On these trails, you feel more like visiting some farms away in the north than exercising with fellow urbanites on overused paths. Though close to Boston, Lincoln is therefore a great place to breathe after a hard week and to reconnect with the outdoors.

This short hike takes you through woodlands, agricultural fields and meadows to the top of Mt. Misery, a modest hill covered by a dense pine forest. Except for the short climb to the summit, the hike is mostly flat.

Here are the detailed directions:
Take the dirt road at the far end of the parking lot
You will soon reach a field on the right; take the narrow trail at the edge of the field to walk around the meadow
When you reach the woods at the field's opposite corner (short wooden pole marked "Trail" low in the grass), continue straight into the woods and past a low rock wall
When you reach a trail intersection about 20 yards from the field (wooden pole marked "35" on the other side of the intersection), turn left (yellow blazes on trees) and walk until you reach the bridge over the railroad
Turn right after the bridge and continue straight down until you reach a road
Turn right on the bike path and walk for about 75 yards, then cross the road and take the paved road on the other side
Walk up the road for about 50 yards, and take left into Linden Tree Farm
Walk past the farm and past a large rock with a wood sign bearing the numbers 9 and 7 and white/yellow marks; continue straight towards the woods and Mount Misery, visible over the trees; to lengthen the hike, you can also take the trail on the right; this path will take you around the field behind the farm - this extra loop adds less than 10 minutes
When you reach the forest, turn immediately left on Kettle trail (yellow signs), which becomes Wolf Pine Trail; the trail will slowly turn right around Mount Misery and its rocky outcrops
You then reach an intersection with a wooden pole on the left bearing an F mark; the trail on the left is going down; take the trail on the right that climbs up Mount Misery; the trail can be tough to follow, so follow the yellow blazes on trees; from each yellow sign, you should be able to see the next one, and so on
The trail will become flatter near the summit, and you will soon see a sign for the Outlook; follow it to reach the platform on top of the summit (the trees won't allow you to get a good view of the countryside below)
To come back, take the trail down facing the Outlook sign, and follow the yellow blazes down the hill
At the next intersection down the hill, turn right to reach the farm, and go back the way you came; after the railroad bridge, turn immediately right (Iron Horse Trail sign) to get to the parking lot
Allow about 2 hours for the roundtrip.
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