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The Minuteman Bikeway from Arlington to Lexington

What to Bring

Helmet   Lights
First aid kit   Repair kit
Biking pants   Water bottle
Gloves   Water
Sunglasses   Snacks
Windbreaker   Food


From Boston, take Storrow Drive West
In Cambridge, take right exit to Fresh Pond Parkway
Follow signs for Arlington and route 2
/route 3
Drive through two traffic circles and over a bridge (high-rise building on the right)
At second light after the bridge, turn left for the subway station parking lot
  Good to know in advance
Several exits allow you to explore
surrounding streets and roads
Carry out your trash
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The Minuteman Bikeway from Arlington to Lexington

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Overall rating: Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating
Difficulty: 2/5
  Time from Boston: 20 mins.
  Duration: A few hours/
half day


  Main activity:


The Minuteman Bikeway is a great way to escape the Boston suburbs for the countryside without the hassle of driving all the way out. Running on a former railroad route from Arlington to Bedford, it has very good surfacing and mostly straight sections, enough to convert even those most allergic to riding. The road has also very few intersections, which makes it a safe place to ride. It is particularly convenient to bring children on your bike, with their own or in a trailer.

Most of the bikeway wanders through the trees in nice residential areas, and some sections, particularly near the Arlington Meadows and around Lexington, are truly scenic.

This ride leaves from Arlington at the Alewife Red Line subway station. You will find the trail in front of the children's playground: cross the adjacent road, ride left on the sidewalk, and turn right at the next intersection – the bikeway crosses a marsh on a small bridge. From there, follow the road straight ahead. You can go as far as Bedford and back, for a ride of approximately 25 miles (allow about 3 hours round-trip). You can also ride only to Lexington and its green, which makes a nice destination in itself and a great place to enjoy an ice cream (allow about 2 hours round-trip).

Traffic can be significant on summer weekends, so ride safely and share the road with fellow riders, pedestrians and inline skaters.