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  Bring your children to ski with you
Bring your children to ski with you

What to Bring

Warm clothing for yourself (bring
layers that can be added and
  Warm clothing and blankets for your child
Hat   Gloves
Sunglasses   Sunscreen
Hot chocolate or
tea in vacuum
  Snacks or Food


From Boston:
Take the Mass Pike to exit 15
Stay left after the toll booth. At the end of the ramp, turn left onto Park Road, following a sign for Route 16
The Ski Track is a quarter mile down the
road on the left
From the North:
Take Rt.128 South to exit 24 (Rt.30)
Make a left turn at the end of the ramp onto Rt.30 West
At the next set of lights turn left onto Park Road
The Ski Track is a half mile down the road on the left
From the South:
Take Rt.128 North to exit 21 (Rt.16)
Turn left at the end of the ramp and follow Rt.16 West for 1/2 mile
At the second set of lights, turn right onto Concord Street
The Ski Track is one mile up the road on the right
  Good to know in advance
Open Mon-Thur. 11-9, F 11-6, weekends & holidays 9-6

Pulk reservation recommended: call
(781) 891-6575

Trailmap available on site or online at:
Restrooms in the main building
On-site: café with snacks and beverages, water fountain, locker rooms for showers and changing
If the parking lot fills to capacity, go to the free overflow parking on the railroad side of Recreation Road
Weston Ski Track: 200 Park Road in
Weston, (781) 891-6575;
Check frequently on your child's comfort;
head back immediately if your kid feels cold or is otherwise uncomfortable
Yield the right of way when overtaking
other skiers
Move off the tracks when you stop
Bring all trash back to the ski center

ID Card

Overall rating: Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating
Difficulty: 2/5
  Time from Boston: 20 minutes
  Duration: A few hours

From $24 (include child carrier and pass + rentals for one adult)

  Main activity:


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Bring Along Friends?
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If your kids are too young to ski, let them experience a day on the snow with a pulk. A pulk? Imagine a sled designed to carry children comfortably, allowing you to pull them while protecting them from the cold.

Located on the DCR's Martin Golf Course along the Charles River, the well-known Weston Ski Track offers people in the Greater Boston area the chance to cross-country ski and snowshoe close to home. The ski track has two pulks that can be pulled behind either a skier or a snowshoer. Compared to regular sleds, pulks track much better on the snow and allow the children to sit comfortably to enjoy a day in the snow with mom or dad (or both).

The ski track has two pulks, one that is open and has only one seat, and the other with a cover and the option of two seats. To bring your kids along, all you need is:
A trail pass ($13/day)
The pulk rental ($10/hour, maximum $24/day); a reservation is recommended; see phone number in side box
If you do not have ski equipment, you can rent skis, poles and shoes for $14/day.
Though anyone, especially snowshoers, can use a pulk, skiers will find that the experience is more enjoyable if you have some prior skiing experience. Pulks can be taken up and down hills without difficulty, though crossing hills can be more challenging.
If you have other kids who like skiing, you have several options:
If they already know how to ski, you can purchase discounted trail passes (free until 5; $7 from 6 to 12)
If they are 6 or older and would like to learn to ski, the ski track also offers kids' lessons
Here are some ideas to explore the vast cross-country area at Weston:
Once you and your child or children are ready to go, head out onto the loop adjacent to the ski center. Your best destination here is The Flats, beyond the snowmaking loop. This large loop can be enjoyed without climbing or descending hills, and allows you to familiarize yourself with the pulk. For recreational skiers using the pulk, this 2k loop provides plenty of room to explore
If you want to treat your kids to a more adventurous trip, cross the street to the Red Tail Track, then to the Goat Track (make sure you download the trail map in advance or take a copy at the ski center)
Stay to the left along the river, and find the footbridge leading to the Fox Track. An idyllic scene of snow-covered trees flanking the ice-covered water will greet you
After enjoying the scenery, circle the Fox Track and retrace your steps to the ski center cafe for snacks and cocoa.
Snowmaking equipment maintains a 2-kilometer loop no matter how much natural snow is on the ground, so you can bring your child even if your lawn looks green.
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