Overall rating
The Overall Rating sums up the quality of a particular local adventure. We only select trips and destinations that are worth going there. However, because Boston.com offers a very wide range of adventures, some are more exciting than others. The table below will help you:

Rating What it means What You Can Expect
  One Star


    A great way to reconnect with nature and physical activity
  2 Stars Good     You will want to return there soon
  3 Stars Very good     You will bring your best friend there
  4 Stars Excellent     You will be proud you made it
  5 Stars   Unique     The topic of the day at your office
Difficulty What it means

Easy. Fit for people in normal shape

  2/5 Moderate. For people used to some exercice  
  3/5 Difficult. For people in good physical condition  
  4/5 Challenging. For people in very good physical condition and knowledgeable in that activity  
  5/5   Strenuous. For people in excellent shape, knowledgeable in that activity, and autonomous  
Time from Boston
We calculate the time to Boston as the average driving time from downtown Boston on a normal weekend day. Actual time may vary depending on traffic, weather and other external factors.
Duration is calculated to help you plan your day. It is the total time you can expect to spend on that adventure, including the time to get there and to come back. Below are indicated what we can expect for each of our duration categories:
Duration What it means
  A Few Hours You can typically pack this adventure and something else in a morning or afternoon. For example, you can rent a kayak to paddle on the Charles River for an hour or two in early afternoon, and then go to Harvard Square for shopping or to visit a museum  
  Half Day This adventure will take a full morning or afternoon to enjoy  
  Full Day This adventure will fill the entire day. Typically, you may leave around 10 am and be back home around 6 pm  
  Weekend   Plan to stay overnight there. All our camping destinations are featured in the weekend category  
Many of our adventures are flexible enough that you can adapt trips to your schedule. For example, you may traverse the Middlesex Fells Reservation in a few hours if you are in a particularly fit condition, or decide to bring your lunch and walk at a leisure pace to spend the whole day there.