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  Riding along the South Shore
Riding Along the South Shore

What to Bring

Helmet   Gloves
Safety lights   Biking pants
First aid kit   Sunglasses
Windbreaker   Backpack
Repair kit   Water
Snacks   Food for lunch


From Boston, take I-93S then Route 3S
At exit 17, follow sign for Union Street/East Braintree
Turn right at lights on 53S; follow sign for Weymouth/Kingston
About 0.4 mi after the light, turn left on
Broad Street (high-rise building on the left)
In about 5 miles, turn right on Union Street to enter Wompatuck State Park
Follow signs for Visitor Center and park at the Center's lot
  Good to know in advance
Take a Wompatuck State Park Trail map at the visitor center before starting your ride: it is VERY easy to get lost in the Park's trails

Buy a road map to get oriented more easily: Rubel BikeMaps "Eastern Massachusetts" - $4.95 in most Boston bookstores


Biking can be dangerous- always wear a helmet (mandatory under 12) and make
safety your priority

Bring your trash with you and leave no
trace where you stop

ID Card

Overall rating: Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating Four-Star Rating
Difficulty: 3/5
  Time from Boston: 45 minutes
  Duration: Full day


  Main activity:


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Do not be put off by the distance: even at 35 miles, this ride is mostly flat and can be done by bikers with limited experience and endurance. This is the best way to discover or re-discover the South Shore, between ocean and countryside.

We recommend doing this ride over a full day, since you may be tempted to stop several times to enjoy the vistas, walk on a beach, or take a rest in the Wompatuck State Park. Most of the ride is on country lanes with limited traffic, except at the start, where you will ride a couple of miles on route 228. About half the ride is along or close to the ocean, with the rest in the countryside, away from major towns.

Because parking along the South Shore's coastal roads is extremely restricted, this ride is the best way to discover the area at your own pace, stopping when and where you want, and enjoying privileges otherwise accessible only to those guys with parking stickers from neighboring towns.

The ride starts and ends in Wompatuck State Park, a great destination in itself. You can camp [add link here to "Camping in Wompatuck State Park] there, and you may want to come back to ride the extensive trail network in the Park.

Here are the detailed ride directions:
From the Visitor Center, ride back to the Park entrance and turn right on Union Street
At the next main intersection, turn right on East street/Route 228
At the lights, cross Route 3A and go straight on Route 228N
A mile later, turn right on Jerusalem Road. There is an Antique & Gift shop on the right at the intersection
When you reach the coastline at the intersection with Forest Road, continue straight ahead on Jerusalem, which becomes Atlantic Road
The first great spot for a stop is Sandy Beach on the left (large parking) about 2 miles down on the coastal road
You soon reach picturesque Cohasset Harbor, around which you ride by staying as close to the shore as possible
You continue on to Scituate on Border Street. When reaching a stop sign at a fork, take left and then right at the lights on Hatherly Road. You can also go straight at the light and check out North Scituate Beach, just a few yards away (you will have to walk your bike to come back since this is a one way street).
When you reach Scituate (Pier 4 restaurant at the intersection), take right on Jericho Road (you can also turn left to visit the Old Scituate Lighthouse, then take right on Lighthouse road. This adds less than 2 miles to the ride).
At the lights, turn left and ride through Scituate; continue straight on Kent Street, becoming Driftway. About 2 miles after Scituate, check for a small parking lot on the left before the golf course on the right. This is the AJ McEachern Memorial Trail, a short trail along the marshes that is a nice place for a rest stop.
You soon reach the Route 3A. This can be a difficult intersection, and you may want to walk your bike across for safety. Cross Route 3A and take Old Oaken Bucket road (sign for "Old Satuit Trail") on the right.
Ride about 3 miles and take right on Summer Street.
Continue straight on Doane Street along the cemetery (sports field on the right) at a 4-way stop sign.
You soon reach a gate to enter Wompatuck State Park. Continue on the trail until you cross railroad tracks for the second time. At that intersection take left and ride past abandoned military barracks. Wompatuck is a 4,000 Park which was formerly the US Navy's main ammunition depot for the North Atlantic Fleet; this explains the extensive trail network… and the lack of directional signs.
When you reach the end of the trail (you should cross the tracks again), take right, then immediately left through the gate ("N12" sign on a tree)
Take right after the gate, and follow the trail until you reach the Visitor Center.
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